Teflon® industrial coatings
& Fluoropolymers

Teflon® coatings and other Fluoropolymer coatings are excellent for reduced friction, non-stick, non-wetting, chemical resistance and electrical resistance. Both liquid and powder versions of these coatings are applied at our facility. Application thickness will vary depending on performance requirements.


PFA Coatings
FEP Coatings
PTFE Coatings

Tefzel® (ETFE)
Kynar® (PVDF)
Halar® (ECTFE)
Xylan® (PTFE)

As a DuPont Licensed Industrial Applicator, AST/ACME has worked directly with DuPont to develop special conductive Telfon® coatings for the Automotive Industry.

Application of DuPont Teflon® coatings has been proven to cut costs in the maintenance of automotive paint booths, grates and screens.


    Lower water-blasting pressure - 8000 PSI     Safer operating levels for the operator (noise-pressure)     Less splatter     Lower pressure - less maintenance cost, lower parts replacement
     cost on water-blasting equipment


    Lower capital cost for water-blasting equipment

Time and Energy

    25%-45% savings in cleaning times     Cleaner grates, better airflow and booth balance during the week     Better airflow in the booth, better paint transfer efficiencies