Industrial Coatings & Linings

From the nation's largest chemical, automotive, HVAC and other large manufacturing companies - to the U.S. Military, AST/ACME applies protective coatings and linings to prolong the life and optimize the efficiency of equipment in corrosive and abrasive environments.

We offer both Ambient-Cured and Baked coatings:

    Urethanes     Expoxies     Phenolics     Novolacs     Vinyl Esters     Antimicrobial     Teflon® industrial coatings     Other Fluoropolymers     Rubber Sheet Linings (See Rubber Page)

Industrial Powder Coatings
& Linings

AST/ACME applies a range of powder coatings from high-bake Teflon® to low-bake TGIC powders. In addition to our corrosive protective powder coatings, we apply antimicrobial protection and fulfill specified decorative/aesthetic requests.

We offer:

    Urethanes     Expoxies     Polyesters     TGIC     Antimicrobial     Teflon® industrial coatings     Other Fluropolymers