Rubber Sheet Linings

Rubber Sheet Lining is the skilled application of un-vulcanized rubber sheeting to prepared metal surfaces. These lined items are then vulcanized in a steam autoclave, bonding the rubber to the metal surface to create a durable and resilient protective rubber coating.

We provide each customer with an application that is specific to their needs and equipment, to create a durable rubber lining that improves the life of the equipment and other service applications.

AST/ACME provides Rubber Sheet Lining services to these and other industries:

Energy Industry

We help the Energy Industry remove particulates by applying rubber sheet lining to the internal working parts of slurry tanks.

Mining Industry

For the Mining Industry, soft natural rubber linings protect tanks and
absorb energy while removing minerals and other fines from water
processing systems.

Chemical Industry

Chlorobutyl Rubber is used for protecting tanks in chemical
mixing processes.

Steel Industry

Rubber Sheet Lining is applied to rolls of steel that are Zinc-plated
for the Steel Industry.