Applicators of protective coatings that work.

AST/ACME's authorized use of the Teflon® brand does not entitle customers to use the Teflon® mark. DuPont sells all its fluoropolymer product offerings only with DuPont product codes. Use of the Teflon® mark requires a direct trademark license from DuPont. Customers and distributors of AST/ACME can only resell LICENSEE's Product as licensed by DuPont with the Teflon® mark. DuPont sells unbranded coatings to control access to the Teflon® mark.

Experienced. Comprehensive. Proven.

AST/ACME has over 50 years of experience as specialty applicators of virtually any type of protective coating: from Teflon® industrial coatings and military to baked and TGIC powder coatings. We are also highly skilled in the application and installation of rubber sheet linings, from natural to chlorobutyl.

Within our 80,000 square-foot facilities, we apply time-proven materials to fight corrosion and abrasion, from large process tanks to powder-coated railroad switch houses.

AST/ACME is the exclusive MIL-spec painting provider for the refurbishment of the Phalanx Weapons Program.

Our complete range of services are extended to both the manufacturer and end user.

Our experienced team guides each project from initial consultation through final quality control:

    Appropriate coating or lining selection     Thorough substrate preparation     Precise application in accordance with manufacturer guidelines     Quality assurance testing and documentation under the supervision of our
     NACE Coating Inspector

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